The Full Monty Review 2019
Yvonne Johnson’s costumes do the trick from the very casual wear of most of the steel mill workers to the breakaway costumes of the strippers. My favorite bit of costuming is from the number “The "
"Goods” when the women are dressed in the working gear of stereotypically masculine jobs to ogle/deride our wannabe strippers."
Theatre Jones Our Town Review 2019
"Mrs. Soames, the town gossip, cleverly costumed by designer Johnson in garish attire (suggesting that she belongs to a higher social class)"
Interview By Voyage Dallas 2018
"Clothes tell a story & I love exploring that as a form of art"
Judy Dearing Award Article 2019
"It’s always inspiring to be recognized for the hard work and passion you put into a craft you love"
Design Career Article 2018
"It’s also all about networking. No one is going to voluntarily come to you unless you’re already established. You need to speak up"
Interview By Emmy Magazine Article 2018
"I want a versatile career in costumes..."
Accessories In the Nude Review 2017
"A fun, colorful collection with class"
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